Total QBR vs NFL Passer Rating Week 2


2011 is the Year of the Quarterback. We’re seeing teams put the ball in the air a lot more than in previous years – and we’re enjoying it! Each week, we’re going to compare the numbers of ESPN’s new Quarterback Rating System, Total QBR with the traditional NFL Passer Rating.

In Week One, we saw four quarterbacks throw for over 400 yards. Week Two brought us two 400+ yard passers, Cam Newton (432) and Tom Brady (423). Even more impressive is the number of 300+ Yard Passers – Week Two had 9 of them! There were 12 QBs that threw for over 290 Yards – more than 1 out of every 3 QBs threw for (almost) 300 Yards in Week 2.

Top 5 QBR

1. Tony Romo QBR: 94
2. Jason Campbell QBR: 93.3
3. Matt Hasselbeck QBR: 92.2
4. Tom Brady QBR: 91.1
5. Ben Roethlisberger QBR: 84.5

Top 5 NFL Passer Rating

1. Tom Brady RATE: 135.7
2. Aaron Rodgers RATE: 119.9
3. Matt Schaub RATE: 118.5
4. Drew Brees RATE: 118.1
5. Tony Romo RATE: 116.4

Last week, Kevin Kolb was the odd man out, landing 3rd on the NFL Passer Rating Chart but 18th on Total QBR. This week, there are only 2 QBs to make both the Top 5 of QBR and Passer Rating – Tom Brady and Tony Romo. Romo got the highest QBR score of the year with his gutsy play in an overtime win vs the 49ers – coming back from a tough Week 1 Loss and mid-game injury. He landed at #5 on the Passer Rating Chart with a great 116.4. Tom Brady was clearly the best QB of the Week (again) and had the highest combined placing – #4 QBR and #1 Passer Rating. The differences start to emerge with QBs like Jason Campbell and Matt Hasselback, #s 2 and 3 respectively on QBR in Week 2. You’ll find Campbell at #10 for Passer Rating, a difference of 8 spots.

Interesting Notes

-The highest ranked losing QB in Total QBR was Jason Campbell at #2. He was also the highest rated passer for losing QBs in Week 2 at #10.
-15 QBs had a Passer Rating over 100 in Week 2 (12 in Week 1)
-The largest difference between QBR and Passer Rating goes to Matt Hasselback and Mark Sanchez, a full 16 spots lower on Rating compared to QBR
-Out of the Top 15 QBR Scores, only 3 came from losing QBs as opposed to 5/15 for Passer Rating
-The Top 3 QBR Scores of Week 2 were the 3 highest scores of the 2011 Season

Season High QBR

1. Tony Romo QBR: 94 (Week 2 vs 49ers)
2. Jason Campbell QBR: 93.3 (Week 2 vs Bills)

Season High NFL Passer Rating

1. Tom Brady RATE: 135.7 (Week 2 vs Chargers)
2. Tom Brady RATE: 121.6 (Week 1 vs Dolphins)

Top Performance

Tom Brady, New England Patriots – 31/40 78% 423 Yds 3TD 0INT Win
Brady is untouchable at this point – and we’re only 2 weeks into the season. He’s playing at a Super Bowl Level in mid September and that spells trouble for opponents. Brady is by far the best QB in the league at the moment. His poise in the pocket is unmatched and he just doesn’t make bad decisions. Brady made picture-perfect throws in Week 2, really showing off his accuracy in tight spots.

Worst Performance

Luke McCown, Jacksonville Jaguars – 6/19 32% 59 Yds 0TD 4INT Loss
If there is any positive for Jacksonville in McCown’s awful performance, it was rookie stud Blaine Gabbert. The #10 overall pick in the 2011 Draft entered the game after it was already out of reach and looked solid. Gabbert went 5/6 for 52 Yards and a nice scramble to avoid a sack. In a weakened AFC South, will the Jaguars give the ball to Gabbert to try and win the division without Manning interfering?

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